In Loving Memory of Jim Durkin

Lord, to You we come this day
to offer up our praise.
Because You came and died for us,
to give us length of days.
And not those counted sun to sun
but days where night is gone.
Where sin and death no longer reign
and You shine forth like dawn.

Our joy this morning we declare
for all that you have done.
Yours are the victories we have seen
and Yours the battles won.
You've raised triumphant o'er the grave
our loved ones gone before,
You made the Way to Life for all,
and broken down Hell's door.

As we look back on years gone by
we know Your guiding hand
Has been upon each single life
with Your redeeming plan.
Along our path we all did come,
each one by his own way.
And now we see 'twas just Your grace
that finds us here today.

A man once broken in despair
was by Your grace restored,
His heart made new, his family too
joined hands to serve the Lord.
Just as a lighthouse guides the ships
that seek their home but stray,
God used this man help us on
and walk with us the Way.

Through years of patience, prayer and love
with words and vision bright
He toiled in joy with all that came,
to guide their lives aright.
He helped them learn to know their God,
be built up through His word,
And then go forth and sow the seed,
speak out the Truth they'd heard.

And now today we're gathered here
from lands both far and wide,
To honor and recall this man
Who's now at Jesus side.
His years with us have made us one,
His story and ours to tell,
It's all a part of God's great love,
We love you Jim ... farewell!

by Dick Funnell, January 17, 1996