A House Of Glory

I had this dreamlike experience that I need to describe, and so ask for grace from the Lord to be able to make everything clear. As I awoke from the dream and continued to see the vision I was astonished beyond words at what I saw. Unable to sleep, I got up to write this.
I was with the small group of people that we meet with Friday nights at the Fairgrounds. We were standing out in the area between the barns and the cafeteria, and someone was asking about a portion of scripture that referred to something coming about that would cause a great stir among the people, similar to things described in the book of Acts where whole towns were swept over by the power of God.
As we looked together at the scripture, it suddenly seemed evident that the reference was specifically to something happening right in this very spot, and that there was to be a tremendous move of God at some future time. Then as we looked at this closely, it seems we moved just a bit to one side or the other and then someone said, “This is what it is talking about, but here and now.”
And suddenly that we all realized this to be so, and there was a supernatural filling of this knowledge among us all. What I saw happen at this point as if our little group had become caught up in the Spirit and we were joined together in an extraordinary way. I was able to see us as if were we somehow like a folded up paper, that began to open itself up into a sort of tent-like structure. Each of us were a surface or facet of this shape, which kept opening itself up more and more, stretching outwards and upwards is if forming a structure like a geodesic dome.
One curious feature of this was that it was as if it went unfolding itself within us, and yet at the same time it was stretching out around us at the same time. I could feel myself as distinct from each other, yet as though we all were part of the same whole. Meanwhile this was taking place, there was also a distinct flowing of energy and revelation taking place that I can only describe as when a piece of thin paper is thrown in a bed of embers in a fireplace, after the paper ignites and burns, the flame dies out and then there is a wonderful scurrying around of tiny sparks through different folds and textures of the paper, perhaps following the grain, or an edge, like a tiny gunpowder fuse burning quickly along to and fro throughout the ashen form of the paper.
As this took place, it was obvious that we were all enjoying the same excitement as the Lord made Himself known to us each in a special way. As that sparkle of knowledge filled us with awe and wonder, this structure kept growing and extending outwards, and others became aware of it and then part of it as they spontaneously became aware of the Truth like ourselves. It was as if they were converted instantly to Christ in the face of the overwhelming power of the manifestation, like the jailer of Acts 16 with all his family.
The process continued growing and reaching out as more and more people were swept into this “house” of open worship and reverence. It was like the folds of paper kept multiplying and opening up more and more until it seemed it must explode inside us, and yet as it did this, the surface just got larger like an enormous tent. I could tell where my place was yet I could also feel myself throughout it all and see from every vantage point at the same time. If you have ever made a large soap bubble, it stretches out farther and farther, the shape adapting to the wind around it, the swirling of beautiful colors as light is reflected and refracted at the same time producing a wonderful moving collage of abstract shapes and hues. The glory of the Lord was upon this growing moving structure and is became larger and larger, spilling out and covering first one barn and then another.
It was clear to me that this was just a beginning, and the phenomena grew larger and larger, spilling now outside the Fairgrounds and into the surrounding city. I could see into the future how the whole city was eventually caught up into this mass revelation of Jesus to the whole area. Also it was evident that it wasn’t limited to just New Orleans, but that in other places around the nation and the world similar things were taking place.
This was a staggering revelation that seemed to well up inside of me more and more as I took into myself the reality of what was happening. It was as if my lungs were stretched to capacity but I just kept breathing in more and more of what I saw going around before me. And not just I, but all of us growing host of witnesses could see and experience God sweeping over the world with the Knowledge of Himself, as His glory bulged outwards from His body into the world around us.
The scriptures come flooding to mind, “…as the waters cover the sea..” and “ the light shall arise upon thee and be seen upon thee..” and “.. the world will know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another..” and on and on…

Dick Funnell
March 9, 2002