On Lookout

October, 1996

During worship one Sunday morning, I found myself on duty up in a watch tower built into the wall of a city. I suddenly knew in my heart that the king had gone off to battle with most of the strong men in the kingdom to wage war against a far away enemy host. It had been a long time since they left, and we had received no news. I could sense in the people that there were some beginning to lose hope or his return, and though things seemed to be moving along below in the city, I was aware of a vague tension slowly building among the people.

"Where was the King?" "Do you suppose he's been overcome and its a matter of time before destruction comes upon us?" were questions in the hearts of some of the people. They weren't rampant feelings that pervaded every heart, but there were beginning to be questionings in some of the people, as yet unspoken.

As I stood there in the tower, I had a clear sense of expectancy of the king's return within me. I could feel it was imminent, and longed for it with all of my heart. And so I strained my eyes into the distance, far off across the plains towards the horizon to try and catch a glimpse of any movement. It was not a passive kind of watching, rather I leaned against the railng around the small platform and scoured the distance hungrily.

Then suddenly I noticed something moving in the sky, and as I looked I saw it closer towards where I was. Approaching rapidly I saw an angel flying just below the light covering of clouds as they began to reflect the faint colors of the approaching evening. Drawing closer, I could see a great long trumpet poised on his lips, and then saw that there were two, and the notes they sounded, whether audible or not I couldn't say, pierced my heart with the joyful announcement that our King had overcome the foe, and was marching in triumphant return to our land. As the angels sped overhead I was so thrilled my heart leapt with joy and excitement!

The Desire of Ages breaking into our world at long last! Ooooh Jesus, how Wonderful you are!!