The Harvesters - April, 1989

During a time of worship in the spirit in a small meeting, I had a vision in which I suddenly found myself in a small clearing in the middle of a wheat field. I had a sickle in my hand and was helping to harvest the stalks of grain. I was not alone, there were several others working with me in the area we already had cleared.
Then I straightened up to have a look at where I was, and saw a vast field that surrounded us as far as the eye could see. There was a gentle rolling of the landscape, but I could take it all in from where I stood. I noticed in the distance another clearing, and a group of people working there as well.
As I watched, a man from that group stood up, and we saw each other. In spite of the distance, I could see his face and sense the warmth of recognition as we waved to each other. We didn't know each other from before, yet we knew what we were about, working together in the Lord's harvest. It was like a greeting of old friends.
From there I looked about and began to notice other clearings where more people were at work in the same enormous field. I was fascinated to find that as I looked, my vision reached much farther than the natural eye could see, and I saw another group of workers, and then another. There were countless groups of harvesters spread throughout the whole countryside.
As I greeted another one with a familiar wave, and then another, I could also see people from different groups starting to look around and see each other,and they began to greet one another too. I was filled with a warm sense of serenity and great joy, knowing that we were all at work there together.
I was very much aware of this same sense of acknowledgement, and the resultant joy, starting to awake in many of the others as well. Although we didn't know each other directly, we began to understand that we were all sharing in the same harvest. There was a strengthening of faith and determination and commitment that brought a renewing of both strength and spirit.
There was also a sense of great expectation, and yet a peace and patience, and an overwhelming joy. During this whole experience I was very aware of the Lord's presence over the whole of the harvest, and our all being independent and yet together in Him.