On My Way To Christendom

On my way to Christendom
I fell into a trap.
It seemed so real I walked right in,
it's jaws did gnash and snap.

"Please come right in," the people said,
their smiles all unfurled.
And like a Cheshire cat I grinned
into a different world

It didn't look much different
as I thought it would be,
but people seemed much more alive
and full of love, and free.

The way they lived was simple,
they related to the land,
and treated it like their aged ones
to whom they owed their hand.

This wasn't "yours" and that not "mine"
divided all insane.
Enough was there for all to share
if everyody came.

And days and months and years did pass,
I lived as if a cloud;
a life to live and share was mine,
and the winds blew soft and loud.

And then one night a dreamt a man
who in my ear did sob,
"When was it last you went to church,
or held a steady job?

"There is a special school we know,
it's really very nice.
We're positive you'll like it there,
away from sin and vice.

"We'd like to save your soul,my son,
we see you've been ill shod.
We'll teach you how to spend your days
and live your life for God."

"It sounds like it would do quite well
for someone else," I said.
"I'm sorry I'm no help to you,"
and hastened back to bed.

    (The end ... thought I in 1970!)

And as I slept I grew aware
of how my world had changed.
The freedom and the love did fail
and people grew quite strange.

The change was imperceptible
at first, but slowly grew.
And deep within my soul I yearned
for something pure and new.

I first searched high and then searched low
but all to no avail;
then slowly I began to feel
that somehow I had failed.

And then I found the truth in Christ,
how Jesus lives in you,
and fills your life with peace and love
if you'll but ask him to.

And now my friends I'm born again
God gave me life anew.
Right now he's reaching gently out
to give His life to you.

Dick Funnell, Oct. '73