Sitting With Jesus

     There is a certain place where it is good to just come and sit, and breathe the air of now. It is that place where everything before is gone, and what comes later is just a dream. And the nicest part is that it is anywhere you happen to be, because it is inside of yourself.
     It seemed just now that the other day I was here also. But rather than feeling the breeze and hearing the gentle roll of the Gulf waves of Grand Isle, Louisiana, it was the was the fluttering of birch and maple leaves in a Vermont wood. And more than other day, it was some thirty years ago. And yet the place is the same, here and now.
It feels as if I just got up from there and walked along a ways a few moments ago. And now here I am again Lord, with You all around me and calling me and loving me just like always. There is a difference of course, because I know You so much better now, but here You are, the same forever, again.
     It feels like home here with You, because it is. And with each little turn out and about in the world, so many things can happen, and do. Now here I sit again, filled with You and the fruits of life you've given me. Can I believe I've really been anywhere but here? But what fullness you've brought my way! My wife, my children, my friends and family in You. So many rich experiences, so much love, so much of everything!
     And yet here I am again with nothing but You. Until I rise up and walk on again, back to my daily life and it's fullness of Your goodness. And then, back here I will come to You, where all I really have truly is, forever. As this last little while so quickly passed, so will another "few moments." The fullness of life will surely grow empty with time. My children will grow and follow their own path into life's tomorrows. My wife nor I will live forever, here in this busy world. The work of my years will lie far behind me then, as I draw closer to the end of my turns about this world, and closer to You, forever.
     How marvellous are Your works, oh Lord. And how great it is to understand Your ways, to know that as life's end points to sorrow and loss in the world's eyes, in You it brings joy and riches forever! To know that our only real and lasting treasures are friends and loved ones who are found in You brings rest to the soul. What would be loss is gain, what really dies is pain. In You we live and move and have our being. The rest is passing fancy.
     You said, "The Kingdom of God is within you.," for so it is. So to sit here in Your Kingdom is heaven on earth. To dwell in Your presence is fullness of joy. To breathe in each moment is to savor Your grace. To taste of Your goodness is everlasting life. To behold You is love itself. Won't You have a seat with me?
     Now, dear reader, can you hear Him say, "Won't you have a seat with Me?" "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me." Rev. 3:20

Dick Funnell
Jan. 16,2002, Grand Isle, Louisiana

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