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Thank you for your interest in looking here. Actually, YOUR PRAYERS ARE THE BEST SUPPORT! Jesus said, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.." This is the heartbeat of our intercessory mission here in Wales - to seek His face for the coming of His kingdom to this land once again. And only prayer can bring this about.

Jesus also continued saying ,"..all these things shall be added to you." referring to the practical matters of life, like food, drink, clothing, etc. We trust that as the Lord has called us to Wales and has kept us this far, he will continue to provide for our needs. We have no "guaranteed income" other than His promise of provision. This keeps us vulnerable and dependent on Him. Then He, in turn, leads people like yourself to become part of His care for us! If you feel the Lord would have you help us monthly, occasionally, or with a one-time donation, it will be humbly and greatly appreciated.

In the United States, financial support is directed to us through , with whom we have worked since 1976. Your contributions to our work through this non-profit 501(c)(3) organization are tax deductible, and you will receive receipts for every gift and an itemized statement at the end of the calendar year for your tax filing purposes.

There are three ways you can direct your funds to us. The easiest way is to use the Bank Draft if you would like to contribute on a regular basis. Thank you for prayerfully considering us, and may the Lord bless you greatly!

Automatic Bank Draft
With Automatic Bank Draft, we arrange through our bank to have your donations sent electronically from your regular checking or savings account, saving both time and expense. You can choose to have the transfer done on the 5th, 15th or 25th of each month automatically. Just download our simple Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF form by right-clicking on the desired format and follow the easy instructions.

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- - Donate via Debit or Credit Card - -

IF YOU NEED a U.S. tax-deductible receipt for tax filing purposes, please use this option. You can easily make your donation any time via PayPal to our support organization, Verbo Christian Ministries, in Kenner, LA:

You can print out a receipt immediately upon completing the transaction, and you will also receive a printed receipt for tax purposes.

IF DO NOT NEED a U.S. tax receipt, or YOU LIVE OUTSIDE the U.S.A. , please use the link below to direct your gift to our U.S. Dollar account In Kenner, Louisiana:


IF YOU LIVE IN the U.K., please use the link below to direct your gift to our British Pound account in Wales:


Send your Check by U.S. Mail
Please make your checks payable to and clearly mark your check for "Wales" and Mail to:
   P.O. Box 190
   Kenner, LA 70063-0190

You will promptly receive a printed receipt for tax purposes, with a return envelope and response form for your next gift.

For any further information, you can call Roger Cruz in the Verbo office
in New Orleans at 504-443-6610,
or email me at:

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