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Bible College of Wales (Founded by Rees Howells - intercessory prayer center, http://goo.gl/maps/zn0Uv)

ByFaith (Revival history, prophecies, and media geared towards youth about revival and world missions)

Celebration for the Nations (A significant worship & prayer event in Wales, July 19-29, 2013)

Colleyville Prayer Room (A Place of Refuge for the Community - International Christian House of Prayer)

Dick Funnell's Page (Prophetic words and writings, poems, and family pictures)

Ffald-y-Brenin (A Christian retreat center in Pembrokeshire, West Wales)

General Information About Wales

Map to West Wales Revival Sites

Moriah Chapel, Loughor  (Where the 1904 Revival broke out with Evan Roberts)

Pisgah Chapel, Loughor (House of Prayer for Revival in All Nations)

Nations (A missions planting movement based in Wales)

Rees Howells, Intercessor - The book (First three chapters can be downloaded or read online)

Revive Wales! (Praying that Wales be set alight again!)

Revival Now Ministries (With my thanks to Wesley Campbell for his song "Rest in the Spirit" on my video!)

Ruach Kha'hee Ministry (Prophetic intercessors from South Africa travel to pray in different nations)

The Interceders (A British website calling for prayer for revival)

The Revival Library (A huge collection of digitized revival texts

Waleswide (A church planting and strengthening network for Wales)

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